Our Story

What do you do when your head says “Cut down on sugar”, but your heart says “Eat more ice cream”? You definitely eat ice creams, but with GUILT.

Koozies Ice Cream pledges to bestow you with the same indulgence, GUILT-FREE. We help you celebrate each day as Cheat Day!

Curated with 2X protein, 2X creaminess and zero added sugar, we give you minimal fat and calories but more proteins per tub, complemented with healthy dietary fibres.

Healthy Ice Cream Brand

We have carefully researched and developed 3 ice cream ranges. Each of you fall in one or all the categories.

Healthy Ice Cream in Delhi

The PROTEIN range serves healthy protein while you satisfy your sugar cravings. 

The VEGAN range is for the no dairy enthusiasts who just cannot afford to resist exquisite ice cream flavors. 

The PREMIUM range brings to the table the creamiest ever ice cream, perfect for your shakes and taste buds.

With Koozies Ice Cream, you can now savor the guilt-free indulgence and say #GoodbyeGuilt. 


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Koozies Ice Cream is a startup born out of 50 years of legacy in the ice cream industry. We have been satisfying craving under our parent company, and now we are here to make you satisfy, guilt-free.

Koozies Ice Cream was launched in 2015 by a hardcore fitness practitioner in order to revolutionize your lickin’. Our flavors are not only irresistible for your taste buds, but good for your heart, muscles and mood. We don’t just manufacture ice creams, we nurture them with love. 


The hardcore fitness practitioner we are talking about is Mr. Nishkarsh Arora. He is a gymnast, dancer, calisthenics athlete, rock climber, slackliner and MTV Roadies finalist.

Koozies Ice Cream Founder

But what does this have to with ice creams?

Being a fitness freak and working on the parent company with his father, he soon realized the ‘public image’ of ice cream. “Especially in India, ice creams are considered an unhealthy dessert because of pretty obvious reasons. Too sweet for diabetics and full of fat for fitness freaks.” He wanted to change this notion and make ice creams guilt free and rich in nutrients.

Graduating as a marketing nerd, he built his passion for a successful business. Moving along in life, fitness took the better of him which led him to MTV Roadies.

Meeting industry experts such as Ranvijay Singha, Neha Dhupia, Raftaar, Nikhil Chinapa and getting to share the idea here and there, he concluded that the market is huge and little explored.

Nishkarsh Arora Koozies Ice Cream Founder

But, as we say – the struggle is always real. Doing the R&D was indeed a job. Via Koozies Ice Cream, he wishes to satisfy the “society that wants to eat ice cream, but is restricting themselves.” He sees Koozies as a Healthy Ice Cream brand that serves guilt free indulgence.

He would love for you to try out our ice creams and hit us with a feedback!