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Where can I get Koozies ice creams delivered?
We’re currently delivering in Delhi NCR only. We will soon expand to other states.

How long will it take to deliver?
An order placed on our website usually takes a day to get delivered. If you order it before 12PM, you might even get it on the same day. In any case, we'll keep you updated.

How to order from Koozies?
You can place an order very easily on our website. We will soon be available on food aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato.

How many grams Ice-cream is in one container?
On average, every 100ml of Ice-cream equates to 60g in weight.

Where can I find the nutritional information for all the flavors?
You can find the nutritional chart of the respective pages on their product pages itself.

What is the shelf-life of the ice creams?
Our ice creams have a shelf-life of 9 months when stored below -18 degrees.

What modes of payment are accepted?
We accept all kinds of online payments. COD is also available.


Are all the flavors vegan?
Koozies' vegan range has 4 flavors. We have segregated the ranges to make it an easy choice for you!

Is the vegan range also guilt-free?
YES! Koozies' vegan range is not just dairy-free, but also 100% sugar free. Hence, vegan range is also GUILT FREE.

What is used in place of cow milk?
We use almond and coconut milk, depending upon the flavor.

Are vegan ice creams good for diabetic people?
Our vegan ice creams are 100% sugar free, which makes it suitable for diabetic people.

What substitute do you use for sugar?
We use FructoOligosaccharide, which is vegetable sugar.


How is Koozies' Protein ice cream healthy and guilt-free?
Our protein ice creams are made with industrial grade whey protein concentrate 80% and have no added sugar.

Is Koozies' Protein ice cream suitable for fitness freaks?
YES! This was the main idea behind making whey protein ice creams. Being low on sugar and fat, and high in protein, it is very suitable for fitness freaks.

Is Koozies' Protein ice cream only for gym freaks?
No. It’s for EVERYONE. On average, a human body needs 70g protein per day which is not generally fulfilled by a everyday diet. Koozies whey protein has high protein content, and is low on sugar and fat; making it a healthy choice for everyone.

Is Koozies' Protein ice cream suitable for Diabetic people?
Koozies Protein ice cream has no added sugar which makes it very low on sugar, but it is not entirely sugar free. Thus, the quantity to be consumed by a diabetic person varies from person to person.

Can Koozies Whey Protein Ice Cream be a substitute for Gym supplements?
Protein supplements usually contain 20-25g protein, while Koozies' Protein ice creams have 12g protein per scoop. Use these metrics based on your body requirements. However, if you’ve had enough protein supplements and are still craving protein or desserts or both, Koozies is the solution.

How does Koozies' Protein ice cream compare with regular Ice Cream?
Each serving of 100g Koozies' Protein ice cream contains a whopping 12 grams of protein, 175 calories, 5 grams of fat and 8 grams of sugar. Roughly comparing a 100g of popular ice cream brand serves: 330 calories, 15 grams of fat, 16 grams of sugar, and a merely 4 grams of protein. We leave the rest to you!


How is the premium range different from other ice creams of other brands?
Our premium ice creams give you 2 times more creaminess than other brands do. It is also enriched with healthy fat.

Is premium range vegan?
No. The premium range is not vegan.

Does the premium range have whey protein concentrate?
No. The premium range is not made using whey protein concentrate.

What is the biggest box we can order for a premium flavor?
We have 4 premium flavors available in a serving of 4 litre gallon.


What all boxes are available?
We have 5 types of boxes available - The Vegan Box, The Protein Box, The All Star Box, The Box of 2 and Make Your Own Combo Box.

How many tubs do we get in each of them and of what quantity?
All the boxes, except the Box of 2, have 6 tubs of 125 ml each. Box of 2 has 2 tubs of 500 ml each.

Can we customize the flavors we want in the box?
The Make Your Own Combo Box allows you to customize the flavors. All other boxes come with best selling flavors, selected by us. Box of 2 has fixed flavors - Choco Brownie & Rabdi Kulfi.

What is the Vegan Box?
The Vegan Box gets you 6 tubs from a combination of available vegan flavors.

What is the Protein Box?
The Protein Box gets you 6 tubs from a combination of available protein flavors.

What is the All-Star Box?
The All-Star Box comes with 6 tubs from a combination of all the available flavors - Vegan, Protein and Premium.

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