Which Bridgerton Character are You? Find out with this quick quiz…

Which Bridgerton Character are You? Find out with this quick quiz…

Dearest Readers, All eyes here as we introduce to you the renowned residents of our town KooziesXBridgerton! Reporting today, this author has the latest gossip for you. Let’s dive in and identify the elite of this social season.


bridgerton Daphne with ice cream
If you’re someone who’s go-to is Vanilla then you’re definitely Daphne. Eldest among the Bridgerton siblings, Daphne is just as sweet and simplistic as the
Classic French Vanilla ice cream.
Penelope Featherington

This young lady is blessed with a sharp wit and a warm heart. However, gentle reader, you and I both know that we never know her next move! This one’s definitely Salted Caramel- sweet or salted? You’ll never know, changes with every bite…

Eloise Bridgerton

Boldest of the bold this Bridgerton sibling surprises us with her ace moves breaking all societal norms. Word has it that she’s definitely Black Currant- sweet and sour at the same time!


 Viscount Anthony Bridgerton

Heading the Bridgerton family Viscount Anthony definitely qualifies as Butterscotch ice cream- seems hard but melts into the mouth! He may seem harsh on the outside but folks his personality does give him a soft corner.


 Queen Charlotte

Yes my dear readers, you got it right! Shahi Rabdi Kulfi- the most royal flavor of all time. Just like our esteemed Queen- the tastemaker of London society, this flavor is the oldest yet it continues to have its charm and ruling power. All other flavors are Jacks under this Queen flavor…

Mrs. Bridgerton
With all the wisdom and love, the Bridgerton matriarch manages to treat everyone with unmatched kindness and respect. But don't mistake her compassion for weakness - as she's an impressive match for anyone who dares to come close to interfering with her family. Too sweet and a classic. Mrs. Bridgerton is an all time favorite!



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Yours Truly,

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