whey protein ice cream in delhi

India’s first Whey Protein Ice Cream in Delhi

Whey Protein In India

While whey protein has been in fitness culture since long, there have been recent innovations. Koozies Ice Cream has launched its range of Whey Protein ice creams which are low in calories and high in protein.

Koozies Ice Cream is India’s first brand to research and develop high protein ice creams. Now your quest for ‘whey protein ice cream in India’ is over! Currently, delivering in Delhi NCR, we will soon go pan India.

whey protein ice cream in delhi

What exactly is whey protein?

Whey is a protein that is separated from milk, which is made up of whey and casein. Whey protein is actually a complete protein because it has all the 9 essential amino acids.

Why whey protein?

There are multitudes of benefits associated with whey protein.

whey protein for gym

  1. Strengthens muscle and bones: It is most commonly used as a supplement for growth of muscles and bones, after a rigorous workout routine.

  2. Aids weight loss: Whey protein also catalyses weight loss, helps cut body fat and preserves lean muscle.

  3. Lowering cholesterol: A study by The British Journal of Nutrition has proved that whey protein helps in lowering cholesterol.

  4. Reduces blood pressure: A research published in the International Daily Journal says that edibles supplemented with whey protein significantly reduce blood pressure.

Why whey protein ice cream?

whey protein ice cream in india

As a matter of fact, regular ice creams are very fatty and serve very less protein. This is why ice creams are just a cheat day meal for the fitness enthusiasts and in general people who escape fats. Fitness practitioners, specifically, rely on whey (or other) protein shakes to complement their workouts and muscle building.

But with Koozies’ Whey Protein Ice Cream, ice creams are as healthy as anything else! We serve 7.4g protein and just 2.7g in 85g of ice cream. Thus, whey protein ice cream is ideal for body builders, pregnant women and people who get stressed or anxious easily.

You can now satisfy your cravings, while feeding your body with high protein ice creams.

high protein ice cream in delhi ncr

When and how to savor the whey protein ice cream?

There are majorly two ways in which you can enjoy your guilt-free indulgence.

  1. Either add the protein ice cream in your banana (or whatever) shakes. It would eventually become a protein shake, just with better taste.

  2. Or just have it as it is, there is no guide to eating ice creams. You just have to enjoy it.

Club it with your breakfast, or keep it for your post-workout sesh.

Koozies High Protein Ice Cream

You can easily order your Whey Protein Ice Cream here and have everyday as cheat day!

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