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Vegan Culture – The rise of ‘Vegan Food Near Me’

Vegan Culture

The urge to say that “my food is grown, not born” has been on the peak in recent times. With an increase in awareness on animal cruelty and suffering, the world is planting itself on the VEGAN culture.

According to Google Trends, ‘Vegan Food Near Me’ is being searched with a 60% growth rate only in India. People are moving towards healthy vegan foods and simultaneously urging the brands for healthy innovation.

Veganism isn’t about sacrificing or giving up on cravings, taste and nutrition, it is only about gaining peace of mind and making the world a better place for all beings. While there are multitudes of vegan foods naturally available, people and brands are taking the extra effort to develop vegan alternatives for all things edible, ranging from vegan snacks to vegan desserts.

vegan foods in india


  1. Legumes: Beans, lentils and peas

  2. Nuts and Seeds

  3. Tofu: Meat and egg substitute made from soyabean

  4. Plant milk and yogurts: Almond milk, Coconut milk

  5. Whole grains and cereals

  6. Fruits and Vegetables: Banana, jackfruit, cauliflower

vegan vegetables

Naturally vegan foods cannot solely cater to all the nutrients required by a human body on the daily basis. Which is why, brands research and develop vegan substitutes to cover a wide range of eatables nutrients.


  1. Vegan Biscuits: Britannia, Parle

  2. Vegan Cheese

  3. Vegan Ready-to-Eat: McCain, ITC

Vegan snacks in india

Talking about Indian dishes and recipes, savories such as Chana Masala, Rajma, Veg Biryani can all be altered to suit Vegan Culture and easily cooked at home.

Vegan dishes

Indians are considered to have a sweeter tooth than anybody else, and that is why we cannot sacrifice on desserts! For the vegans, it is exceptionally difficult to find vegan desserts, but this was in the past. We now have plenty of vegan options in desserts which are even healthy.



  1. Vegan Ice Cream: Koozies Ice Cream is serving Vegan Ice Cream in tempting flavors. It is not just dairy free but sugar and guilt free as well. So, you now have a No Sugar Vegan ice cream to munch on!

  2. Vegan Chocolates: Schmitten, Lindt, Mother Dairy among others are offering you another add-on to your vegan desserts.

  3. Vegan Cake – Bakingo is the place to order your vegan cakes

vegan desserts in india

Riding on the Vegan Culture, it has become very easy to enjoy ‘Vegan Foods Near Me’ from the comfort of your homes. Veganism isn’t actually a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Be kind to every kind!

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