The chill you need - Ice Cream in Winter Season

The chill you need - Ice Cream in Winter Season

ice cream in winter season

Should we really have ice creams in winter? Do ice creams not harm in winter? Does it not lead to cold and cough? Should we not consume hot items in winter? What should we have ice cream with in winter?


Before you load yourself up with these questions and leave with a mindset that ice creams are only for summers, hear (read: read) me out – It’s NEVER too cold to have ice creams!

Ice Cream in winter

Winter is just another season and deserves to see people indulge with their favorite dessert equally. While many of us keep ice creams away in winters fearing cold and cough, I have a whole lot of reasons to make you believe in this cold chilly love on a cold chilly evening.

Sit back, tuck yourself in a blanket and read this to know why ice creams can be fun even in winters. Wait till you drool on some tempting ice cream combinations to enjoy this winter.

can we eat ice cream in winter

Why should we have ice cream in Winter?

On a side note, if you don’t find a reason convincing enough, you can make your own reasons. But just don’t give up on ice creams!

Reason 1: You get ice creams delivered to you faster, because there is less rush.

Reason 2: You don’t have to face the horror of melting ice creams. They don’t quickly melt like in summers. You can savor it for a longer time.

Reason 3: New season, new flavors. Best thing about ice creams is its seasonal flavors. If you don’t eat ice cream in winter, you’ll miss the winter flavors and a true ice cream lover will never do this sin.

ice cream in winters

Reason 4: Diamond cuts diamond. Feeling cold, sore throat? Have some ice creams. You’ll be fine.

Reason 5: For those who still think ice creams are not for winters, this one is for you – the pleasure of doing wrong things at the wrong time hits totally different. Try it.

Reason 6: ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ and ‘Hot Brownies’ go best with Vanilla ice cream. If you know you know.

Convinced that ice creams can be eaten in winter? Perfect!

No? Stop looking for reason, have some and see it for yourself.

And yes, wait! I have some tempting wintery combinations you can try with your droolicious ice creams.

gajar ka halwa and vanilla ice cream

Gajar ka Halwa and Vanilla Ice Cream

Reiterating, ‘gajar ka halwa’ is an irresistible winter savoury. BUT, you can make it all the more tasty, tempting and desserty by having a vanilla scoop along. Don’t just imagine, try it.

brownie with ice cream

Hot brownies and Chocolate/Vanilla Ice Cream

You would agree that hot brownies are so soothing for winter, but what you are soon going to agree upon is a chocolate or vanilla scoop topped on your brownie is the best. And yes, this has actually become a dessert now, so you can’t refuse.

ice cream with fruits

Winter fruits on ice creams

For this, think about strawberries and grapes. Now think about small chunks of them on your ice cream scoops. Are you still reading or did you run to order some ice cream? Well, chilled scoops covered with fresh winter fruits can be your next addiction.

coffee with ice cream

Hot brew and scoops

If you are a coffee addict you will know what a perfect hot brew feels like on a chilly winter evening. But if you are also an ice cream fan, you should know that a perfect hot brew tastes even better with a cold scoop. Don’t trust me, believe me.


If your sweet tooth is still not satisfied, go ahead and add ice cream to everything – Gajak, Gulab Jamun, Moong Dal Halwa.

And do you know what goes best with a scoop of ice cream? Another scoop and another scoop and another scoop that is, a SUNDAE!

Disclaimer: These are all personal suggestions and should be performed under will.

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