Ice Cream Quiz

Test your craving level with this ICE CREAM Quiz

Ice Cream flavors

1. Which flavour came first?
a) Chocolate b) Vanilla c) Strawberry d) Butterscotch

Answer – (a) Chocolate. Surprised? Most people are when they hear this as they believe that Vanilla came first and then it was mixed with other things to make different flavours. But the truth is that the chocolate flavour came first in 1665 whereas the vanilla flavoured ice cream recipe was made after 140 years, in 1805.

Ice Cream Toppings

2. Which is the most popular ice – cream topping?

a) Choco – chips b) Rainbow sprinkles c) Chocolate syrup d) Whipped cream

Answer – (c) Chocolate syrup. People nowadays put almost anything on their favourite dessert – Oreo, cookies, brownies, dry fruits, whipped cream and what not. But the most popular one is still the classic chocolate syrup. Nothing can ever beat that!!

Most Ice Cream Eating Nations

3. Which country consumes the most ice – cream in a year?

a) USA b) New Zealand c) India d) Canada

Answer – (b) New Zealand. New Zealand, despite its low population is the largest consumer of ice – cream, with an average person eating almost a whopping 28.4 litres of ice – cream in a year! USA comes 2nd with 20.8 litres and China and Australia rank 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Vanilla Ice Cream

4. How many calories does one cup of vanilla ice – cream have in it?

a) 333 calories b) 273 calories c) 450 calories d) 193 calories

Answer – (b) 273 calories. There’s no denying that ice – cream has a lot of calories. One cup, or 150g ice – cream contains 273 calories! Just to give an idea of how high this number is, French fries, which contain a lot of oil, have about 300 calories in them.

Whey Protein Ice Cream

5. How many calories does one scoop of 100% whey protein ice cream have in it?

a) 120 calories b) 150 calories c) 60 calories d) 166 calories

Answer – (a) 120 calories. Whey protein ice cream has about 120 calories per 100g. This is almost half of what a regular scoop of ice – cream has. Due to this reason, many people now are making the switch from regular ice – cream to whey protein ice cream.

Ice Cream Cones Aesthetic

6. What is the Guinness World Record for balancing the greatest number of scoops on a cone?

a) 144 b) 200 c) 125 d) 99

Answer – (c) 125 scoops. Dimitri Panciera set the world record for the most ice – cream scoops balanced on a cone when he balanced 125 scoops of ice cream on the set of ‘La Notte dei Record’, in Rome, Italy, on 17 November 2018. He bettered his own record of 121 scoops which he set in an ice – cream festival in Italy in November 2015.

Ice Cream Cone

7. Which of the following is not an ice cream flavour yet?

a) Gin b) Jelly fish c) Horse flesh d) Grape

Answer – (d) Grape. Interestingly, we have Gin ice cream (thank the Irish), we also have the two absurd flavours of Jellyfish and Horse – flesh, courtesy of the Japanese. Grape ice cream is something which is yet to be made because grapes have a really high amount of water content in them. So as soon as they are made, they freeze to form ice which is not the usual creamy ice – cream. We have grape flavoured popsicles, but it’s not the same.

Frozen Dessert

8. Eating ice cream in which meal makes you more intelligent?

a) Breakfast b) Lunch c) Dinner d) Ice – cream is never healthy!!

Answer – (a) Breakfast. According to a study conducted in Japan, people who ate ice – cream in breakfast were always more energetic, alert, took little time to process information and were more attentive compared to the others who didn’t. Some people say that the “glucose hit” from the ice – cream boosts brain function and activates the ‘happy zones’ inside the brain. Whatever the reason might be, the kids in us now have another reason to feast on this delicious treat!!

Healthy Ice Cream Brand India

9. Which of the following is an Indian brand of ice cream?

a) Baskin Robbins b) Nestle c) Koozies Ice Cream d) Blue Bell

Answer – (c) Koozies Ice Cream. Koozies is India’s first ice cream brand which manufactures Whey Protein Ice Cream. Started in 2015, it has gained a lot of popularity for providing ice cream which does not have any effect on weight. It is making the dreams of millions of being able to enjoy their favourite dessert without gaining weight.

Licking Ice Cream

10. How many licks, on an average, does it take to finish one scoop of ice – cream?

(a) 30 (b) 50 (c) 100 (d) 75

Answer – (b) 50. It takes about 50 licks to finish one usual size of ice – cream scoop.

Hope you enjoyed this tempting knowledge session!

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