High Protein Ice Cream in India

High Protein – Highly Important

why is high protein important

All of us mythically believe that high protein is just crucial for body and muscle builders, athletes and gymnasts. Debugging this prevalent myth, protein intake is consistently advised for people of all ages and spheres.

Protein is inevitable as it helps our body repair and make new cells. Protein is the most important ingredient for growth and development of children and adults alike.

High protein diet is extremely important for pregnant women, body builders and children. But, protein rich foods can at time become monotonous in daily routine and thus drive us away from it.

whey protein in india

But not any more! With the advent of innovation and invention in the food industry, you can now enjoy your favorite dessert while you also count on your protein intake.

Koozies Ice Cream has launched India’s first Whey Protein Ice Cream that is high in protein and low on fats. High protein ice cream is the best fit for all those who are bored of regular protein diets and wish to indulge with something more tempting while still being healthy.


High protein, low fats, no added sugar and rich flavors – is the most healthy and tasty combination you can have in a dessert.

While there are loads of other protein rich foods you can add to your meal, a healthy ice cream scoop is always the best option.

To make it healthier, you can try various combinations and call it a meal:

  1. Add it to your healthy breakfast smoothies and shakes

  2. Club it with your evening muesli and cereals

  3. Enjoy it as your after-dinner dessert

  4. Just savor it as you like

Koozies’ high protein ice cream is currently available in 4 enticing flavors Belgian Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Creamy Coffee and Banana Peanut.


For the ones who cannot have all their meals with ice cream, there are other high protein food sources:

Nuts and seeds – almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews

Legumes and beans – lentils, chickpeas, tofu

Meats and eggs – fish, chicken, eggs, pork

Dairy products – milk, yogurt

To know more refer to, Protein rich foods.

DID YOU KNOW? Taking the right amount of protein in winters is supreme for the metabolic and digestive activities of your body as protein has been proved to have high thermic value of 20-35%, which is much greater than that provided by carbs and fats.


So, what are you thinking about? Start with protein rich delicacies, NOW!

Happy healthy indulging!

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