From GUILTY to HEALTHY – Ice Cream Indulgence in Delhi

From GUILTY to HEALTHY – Ice Cream Indulgence in Delhi

Koozies Ice Cream - Healthy Ice Cream in Delhi

Often regarded as ‘mehfil’, Delhi is most notorious for its street food. But as the world moves towards the ‘less sugar, more conscious’ edge, Delhiites too are changing their habits. This fact is very well evident from the number of emerging F&B startups focusing on health, nutrition and veganism. From snacks to sweets, healthy brands are innovating for the best!

Ice Cream Industry in India
Image: Indian ice cream market reached a value of INR 201.4 billion in 2020. It is expected to reach a value of approximately INR 442 billion by 2026. For more detailed information on Indian Ice Cream Market, visit: Business Wire: Indian Ice Cream Market

Koozies Ice Cream, founded in 2015 by a hardcore fitness practitioner, is a healthy ice cream brand which is revolutionising the way people indulge with ice creams – the sweetheart among desserts. Born out of 50 years of legacy in the ice cream industry, Koozies is now serving guilt-free indulgence in Delhi.

But why?

Though Indians love to munch on ice creams, they are also becoming aware of the high fat and high sugar contents. What also comes along is the dairy intake resistance. Winters are still bearable with hot desserts to indulge on, but summers are full of guilt and not much pleasure. Directly benefiting the ‘gym freaks’ and ‘animal lovers’, Koozies has researched and developed its Less Fat Protein Ice Cream and No Sugar Vegan Ice Cream ranges.

 Koozies’ Protein Ice Cream comes with 2X more protein, less fat, no added sugar and zero guilt. Protein rich foods are inevitable in daily diet, and when they come in dessert disguise, you can’t say no. Protein catalyses bone and muscle development and is ideal for fitness freaks and body builders. Less fat and no added sugar make you stay as fit as you are after a hard grind at gym. Muscle up and munch hard on the tempting flavors.

Low Fat Protein Ice Cream in Delhi from Koozies Ice Cream, a healthy ice cream brand

 Koozies is calling animal cruelty protestors out of their comfort menus, to indulge with Vegan Ice Cream – their favorite dessert. Curated with almond milk, coconut milk and immense love, you can now savor your pledge of plant based or vegan diets while your taste buds satisfy themselves. Zero sugar promise is good for your heart and best for your sweet tooth. The exotic flavors are perfect for you and your pet.

No Sugar Vegan Ice Cream in Delhi made from almond milk and coconut milk by Koozies Ice Cream, a healthy ice cream brand in Delhi

Are you a shakes and scoops addict? Because the Premium Ice Cream range is your ultimate stop to satisfaction. Delhi’s creamiest ever scoops are enriched with healthy fat which will take you closest to cravings, complemented by premium taste.

Healthy Ice Cream Brand - Koozies Ice Cream

Life would not be life without ice cream, and Delhi won’t be guilt-free without Koozies. PERIOD.

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