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WHEY PROTEIN is now the best fitness dessert

Whey protein dessert

Fitness for many people is not just about workouts or having hurtful ‘leg days’. It is an emotion, a way of living and a proud habit. And that makes them deeply rigid on their diet plan, no matter what.

So even if you offer them “maa ke haath” ke “aloo paranthe”, loaded with chunks of butter, the answer is NO with zero remorse.

Fitness and gym enthusiasts rely on multitudes of alternatives, keeping ashore their cravings. This might seem reasonable to some, but others might want to change this.

Whey Protein Ice Cream in India

And yes, is life really monotonous with a handful of options to munch on – whey protein shakes, scrambled eggs, dozens of bananas and nothing else?

Desserts in particular are just a dream for the body and muscle builders, owning to its high sugar and high fat content. And when it comes to ice cream, the coolest dessert, literally, indulging with them seems ancient history for these people. This is because many brands pack 18 g sugar and 9 g fat in a standard 125ml cup, but just 3g protein. This is no gain only pain for the fitness freaks.

Protein content in ice creamFor more nutritional information about ice cream, visit https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/
Consumers are changing and so are brands. When the world is moving towards healthy alternatives, brands our continuously innovating to cater the best. Now there are more conscious options to choose from and the best part is, less compromise on taste and cravings.

With Whey Protein Ice Cream made available, the fitness game is all set to change. Koozies Ice Cream serves 7.4 – 8.1 g protein and ZERO SUGAR with just 2.7 g of good fat. Surprised? Good, let your taste buds have fun.


Nurtured with full power and whey protein concentrate, your go-to gym supplement can now be savored as your favorite dessert. There is, hands down, no better way to benefit from the goodness of whey protein. It’s a DESSERT!

Now that’s too much data and theory to consume. So let’s put it down simply – this is the first ever Whey Protein Ice Cream.

A guilt-free indulgence is waiting for you. Muscle up and munch on!
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